Why Choose a Good Architect??


Are you the one who goes for tailormade or the one who tend towards readymade? When we go for buying say a jacket, we tend to check each facet of the product from the type of cloth used to its size and even to its style. Similarly, buying a car is rather an important decision for us middle-class Indians. We look for the best car but it should be within our price range as we have set budgets and don’t want to cross those budgets. These decisions are taken with careful precision and a lot of interest. However, we tend to separate ourselves from the most important decisions of our lives which are not because of lack of want or interest but because of lack of knowledge.

The decisions I am implying in this blog are the decisions regarding building a house on our own terms. Most Indians, tend to build a house once in a lifetime with their hard-earned money. They start with visions and dreams of a house right out of architectural digest with just the perfect view, however, life often has a way of getting in the way. Daily life chores usually tend to hinder this perfect vision of giving full attention towards building a dream house. Lack of knowledge about various facets of the building is also a catalyst in driving the layman to leave the day-to-day decisions on the people who “know”. There comes the role of contractors, who without any theoretical and real knowledge use the rule of thumb to build that “dream house”.

One needs an architect for helping this vision of a dream house come true. However, the end-user is often skeptical about employing the services of an architect. We tend to carry the impression that the architect is going to charge a huge amount of money which won’t be best suited to the “budget-friendly” Indians. However, this misconception must be nipped in the bud, as these professionals actually help in building a budget-friendly project by employing resource control measures. An architect has a team of professionals working together with the efficiency of a well-oiled machine in order to build a safe and cost-effective project.

In this era of social media, architects play a vital role in helping to make the dream of a Pinterest home a reality. They make sure that every inch of space available counts and speaks for itself. They develop an optimum design that is budget-friendly with a sound structure. They keep you in the loop throughout the process by sharing every development of the planning phase through a 3D elevation plan, animation drawing planning, and other blueprints. This helps the end-user to get a practical understanding of the process and lets them take final decisions about the project. A good architectural firm will offer services like Mezzanine floor designing services, pre-engineered building consultancy services, roof ventilator consultancy services, modular kitchen designs, and a host of other sophisticated services.

An architectural firm is a team of professionals working to create a sound project. One such professional working on the team is a Structural Engineer. Well, it is safe to say that a lay man cannot understand what a beautiful profession it is. A structural engineer has the responsibility of taking important decisions like the amount of steel and cement required in a project. He is the backbone of the project as these decisions are major cost drivers of any project. The engineer is also responsible for making sure that the building is earthquake resistant and ensures the sustainability of the project.

Herein comes the role of our professionals from SM World Engineers Pvt. Ltd., who have projects in the field of building malls such as SM World under their belt. Other such projects are identifiers of the level of expertise that is offered while working with this team. Rest assured, the trust of our customers with respect to our services is the backbone of the functioning of this team.

We invite you to invest your precious time and vision in us.

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